Ygeias Almond with 72% Cocoa


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The Ygeias Almond with 72% Cocoa chocolate with whole almonds.
The high concentration in cocoa (72% total cocoa solids) in combination with the special processing and technical know-how, compose a product with unrivaled distinctive taste, rich natural and gentle cocoa scent and unique texture. The rich taste is complemented by whole freshly-roasted almonds, trademark of the ION Amigdalou chocolate.
The new chocolate appeals to those who look for the penultimate taste and strong cocoa scent. It’s produced with special processing of select cocoa varieties, concentrating the lengthy experience of ION in the chocolate production – a fact that has put it at the top of the Greek market’s preference.
With the new Ygeias Amigdalou 72%, ION complements its already rich variety of Dark Chocolate products that includes the plain Ygeias, the Ygeias with filling of Strawberry and of course the Ygeias Amigdalou.

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