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The value of aromatic herbs to our lives is known since thousands of years. In ancient Greece where Hippocrates (460-370 before Christ), the father of medicine lived, the use and implement of herbs from the Greek countryside was the base of medical science. The herbs were considered as magic, and up to this date they are widely used throughout Greece as a supplement to standard medicine. Greece is famous for its unique herbs and spices so it is not surprising that Greek cuisine is all about herbs.

The excellent quality of Greek herbs and spices reflects the country’s long periods of sunshine and the different kinds of landscape. This special landscape makes Greek flora so rich, that from the 7.500 different species of plants growing in Greece, 850 of them are only found there. Some of the best herbs grow there naturally – herbs like chamomile;mountain tea; tilio (infusion of lime leaves), sage, thyme, oregano and basil are chosen above others by some of the celebrity chefs across Europe.
The number of herbs and spice-producing plants that grow naturally in Greece is quite unbelievable.
In the Greek mainland, in the area of Epeirus, up to Pindos mountains and the surrounding valleys, a huge part of Ancient and Modern greek history has been written. The breathtaking landscape and the beautiful views meet a variety of about 1.300 different aromatic herbs, consisting maybe the most complete collection in the world found in one place.

Up there, we met a perfect relation between nature and human. Our herbs are picked by hand exactly where the plants have been placed by nature and drying happens natural with extra care. Our offered packaging is premium metal –tin in order to safeguard herbs qualities for a very long time, hand- labelled with graphics which narrate its story and a lot of care and love up to the last detail.

“Stories of Greek Origins” wild aromatic herbs from Pindos Mountains are wildcrafted herbs of superior quality, ethereal and unique aromas, which carry on the original identity of Greece…

Discover the story…enjoy the taste experience…

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