Natural Mineral Water “ZAGORI” 750ml (Athletic)


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The Natural Mineral Water “ZAGORI” is concentrated beneath the earth’s surface in natural aquiferous basins, on the slopes of the relief of Pindos massif, in one of the most picturesque, protected and pristine regions of Greece, the region of Zagorochoria.
During its long “journey” towards and inside the underground soil layers, undergoes the changes to its physical and chemical composition, acquiring its unique characteristics. Its balanced and unchanging composition consists a product of natural absorption of minerals from the geological formations encountered in its path until the source. There, in the feet of the massif Mitsikeli, protected against any external influence and pollution of the environment, is collected and forwarded for immediate bottling, in essence directly from the spring. ZAGORI Water is bottled at source, at the feet of Mitsikeli – Zagori mountains without any treatment. Consumers get it only through strictly observed processes and controls, certified with ISO 9001:2000 , HACCP ΕΛΟΤ 1416 , HACCP Codex

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