Greek Raw Pistachio 230g


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Why include pistachios in our everyday diet?

Pistachios are a super food with high nutritional value. They are among the best quality and tastier nuts. Eating just a handful of pistachios daily can help you benefit from their valuable ingredients.

Pistachios contain large amounts of antioxidants, more than any other dry fruit or nut, vitamin B6, manganese and magnesium, which is essential for good health and proper functioning of our metabolism. Pistachios have fewer calories and less fat compared to other nuts. They are a rich source of fiber that contributes to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system and lowers cholesterol levels. Pistachios contain more plant sterols than any other dry fruit. Plant sterols help reduce cholesterol and protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

Pistachios are one of the best sources of vitamin E – vital for soft and supple skin. They protect your body against sun radiation thanks to a natural oil that fights dryness, age spots and pigmentation.

Finally pistachios are one of the best sources of protein. And all this with just 159 calories per 28 gram serving!

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