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  • £7.20

    “Axion Esti” Organic Honey with is a combination of organic honey and forest honey and fresh biological pollen of our bees. It is an over-nutrition, which brings together the beneficial properties of honey and pollen to a product of high nutritional value, with a vitreous creamy texture and a rich unique flavour. Consumption should be gradual. Bee Pollen Percent: 5%

  • £7.20

    “Axion Esti” Organic Honey with Saffron is a combination of organic honey from flowers and forest with fine stamens of saffron. It is a superfood which contains all the beneficial properties of honey and saffron providing a high quality product with a creamy texture, mild flavor and a mild sweet taste. Progressive consumption recommended.
    Saffron Percentage: 1%

  • £8.50

    The Organic Honey “Forest and Thyme” is collected by the bees in early summertime, when thyme blossoms along with other wildflowers of the season. It is unique and not found anywhere else in the world, while its concentration of the enzyme “diastasi” places it as one of the best honey varieties worldwide. The mix gives-up an intense honey aroma, has a bright yellow-orange color with reddish tones and it is full bodied with a characteristic sugary flavor that lingers in the mouth. This type of honey is soothing and helps in sleeping; it is rich in antioxidants, protects the human body from bad cholesterol and prevents heart diseases.

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    The “Flowers and Forest” Organic Honey is harvested from bee colonies we have located in various areas far away from conventional crops and known for rich native vegetation. There, the bees gather the nectar from thousands of different flowers and from the honeydew of coniferous trees, such as: pine, spruce, linden, bush, heather and ivy as well as from native vegetation. This prestigious honey’s color is bright, its flavor is full and sugary while breath-taking aromas emerge with the opening of each jar. Every spoonful is loaded in nutrients and ingredients of a complete diet.

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    The Organic Fir “Axion Esti” is collected by the bees in the lush fir forests of Mount Mainalo in Arcadia, at 2000m (6560 ft) of altitude. There, where nature shows her greatness, the bees carefully pick the fir trees and a variety of mountainous herbs creating thus; the unique in the world “Vanilla Fir” honey of gold and pearl shades. It is the first honey that has been officially recognized as a product of Protected Designation of Origin. It is not only unique but it is low on sugar; the taste is sweetish and its texture does not crystallize. The nutritional and biological values are very high because it is rich in minerals and holds antiseptic, diuretic and antianemia properties.

  • £5.50

    The chestnut trees, the lordly-ladies of the forests on Mount Parnon, freely allow the bees to collect nectar from their flowers creating a fine honey with strong flavor, dark brown color and full bodied sweetish taste. Chestnut Honey is of high nutritious value because of its high density in pollen grains. It is rich in tannins and saponins, the two ingredients that fight spider veins, varicose veins, phlebitis, and generally improve our blood circulation. It helps the digestive system, increases the mental clarity, has hydrating properties and is recommended for prostate problems and general diseases of the urinary system. The honey texture naturally crystallizes, however it can be reset to a liquid form if the vase of honey is set in a pot of hot water (up to 45 deg C or 110 deg F). Enjoy its intense flavor and its rich characteristic aroma.

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