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    ION Chocolate Brand has created, for the first time in the Greek market, a new delicious wafer taste covered with ION Ygeias (Semisweet) Chocolate and filled with cocoa cream. It’s the all new Blue ChocoFreta which will fill with enthusiasm all ION Ygeias Chocolate fans.
    Four layers of crispy wafer complete the ingredients of… pleasure, while the new ChocoFreta Ygeias retains its original form and it is available at 38gr.

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    The ChocoFreta brand has become generic for the whole category of ION wafers. Whether it is the classic form or the one with hazelnuts, ChocoFreta is an all time classic product in the Greek market, produced by ION.
    Available in the characteristic ChocoFreta packaging – 38 gr and 52 gr (maxi)

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    Another successful product and long standing brand from ION. The Galaktos chocolate (milk chocolate) is particularly enjoyed by younger consumers and children, maintaining high quality chocolate rich in milk, which provides a rich source of energy and further nutritional benefits. The product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes: 30 gr, 45 gr, 70 gr, 100 gr, 200 gr, 300 gr.

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    ION Amigdalou is a quality milk chocolate with almonds.
    For over 50 years ION Amigdalou is the leading brand in the Greek chocolate bars market – a product which basically formed the category of filled chocolate bars with nuts.
    The elements of its success can be found in the combination of a very particular and characteristic taste of chocolate with the fresh/ well roasted almonds.

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    A classic award winning Dark Chocolate from Greece. Known as “Ygeias” (healthy) this dark chocolate has been a popular Greek treat for ages.

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    New Derby Caramel. Rich layer of milk caramel, nougat with natural coconut product and crunchy cereal combined with ION milk chocolate.

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    ION Golden Derby is one of the most popular products in the Greek candy bar sector due to its successful combination of milk chocolate, coconut filling and crisp rice.

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    Chocolate covered wafer

    Ingredients: Milk chocolate 30%, sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier, vegetable fat, wheat flour, cocoa powder (10-12%fat), almonds, raising agent, vanillin. May contain traces of other nuts.

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    Milk chocolate filled with cream ( 34 % ) milk and strawberry flavour

    Ingredients : Sugar , glucose syrup , cocoa butter , skim milk powder , whey powder , cocoa mass , invert sugar , water , butter milk , vegetable fat , cocoa powder , egg yolk powder , emulsifier ( soy lecithin , poly glycerol polycrystalline acid ) , aromas , natural pigment .

    Milk chocolate contains: cocoa solids 25 % minimum

    Contains milk , egg , soy , may contain traces of peanuts , nuts and wheat .

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