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Homemade dough creations, made with knowledge, art and love! Preserving our tradition, Chrysi Zymi has been choosing the finest and purest ingredients offering a wide variety of products that stand out for their quality, creativity and delicious flavor. Since its plant was established in Thessaloniki 25 years ago, Chrysi Zymi has been baking products that combine innovation with tradition. With products distinguished by their high level of quality, great variety, creativity of recipes and extraordinary flavour, Chrysi Zymi has been the No. 1 choice of consumers for years.

Dough in sheets as a base for our own delectable creations, as well as a wide variety of pies, turnovers and pizza in classic and more modern flavours, make up Chrysi Zymi’s selection of delicious products that can be enjoyed at any time of day! At the same time, as a leader in the frozen dough market, Chrysi Zymi never grows complacent, but continues to launch new products in all of the existing categories of products while also creating new categories that drive the Greek market forward. Thus, with creativity, innovation and inspiration that sets it apart, Chrysi Zymi added to its family of products the unique french croissants recipe and more recently “Chorefti” a traditional pie with unique wrinkled filo ! Other great products: Whole grain country style filo, Cream pie and many more. With more than 50 SKUs able to meet consumer needs for flavour, quality and variety, Chrysi Zymi makes daily gains in customer preference by providing foods for enjoyable moments spent with our loved ones.

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