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It’s good to see the history of cured meat unfolded in parallel with your company’s course. NIKAS has established itself as a synonym for cured meat and has created a history of its own. The history of cured meat began 2,500 years ago and has chronicled an endless variety of tastes. Cured meat has always been a principle food of the Greek diet which includes kavourmas from Evros, porchetta from Evritania, syglino from Mani, lountza from the Cyclades and apaki from Crete. 

Along with ham, sausages, bacon and dry salami, the Greek diet endorses several tasteful challenges produced with imagination, creativity and "meraki”, the love and soul of many generations. The need to preserve meat has led to the idea of meat processing, which we now call “curing”. In 1966, NIKAS launched the curing process. Since then the company’s goal is to always feel and anticipate the needs and preferences of the Greek consumer.

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