Loumidis Greek Coffee traditional 194gr

Loumidis Greek Coffee traditional 490gr

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Established in 1920, Loumidis Coffee Shops company is recognized as the indisputable leader in the Greek coffee market. In fact, up until recently, the advertising slogan of the company known to every single Greek was "Each to his own expertise and Loumidis on Coffee!" You will feel the personal touch of "father" Loumidis everywhere. He will help you explore the world of freshly roasted coffee and introduce you to new flavors that offer quality and enjoyment. He will teach you to love good coffee and share with you the guiding values of the family: To excel as an innovative family business and based on its philosophies and values which pass on from generation to generation, to treat its customers as members of the family. To continue the long lasting relationship they have with their customers since 1920 and to remain their first choice. To be recognized as experts in the enjoyment of coffee and to provide affordable, fresh and high quality products, as well as suggestions for a magical journey into the world of coffee. If roasting coffee is considered an art, preparing a perfect cup is mastery. There are four secrets to the perfect cup : freshness, perfect grind, dose, and water.

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