Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO Limited...
Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Grand Cru Approved by IOF / Switzerland, the strictest quality control standards Olive oil extra virgin Terra Creta Grand Cru Approved by IOF / Switzerland, the most stringent quality control standards


Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO The hidden character of Koroneiki variety has been revealed!! Superior tasting profile, extremely low acidity and even more environmentally friendly procedures. We have developed a totally different approach in the olive tree cultivation and superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil production "from the tree to the bottle" . We work with a dedicated team of farmers along with our agronomists for 12 months, for the ideal timing of harvesting, suitable transportation condition and extracted in new "top of the line " extraction machineries and procedures, in our advanced olive mill. Several farmers on the team recently shared their thoughts about the program, their work with olive trees, and the importance of olive oil in their families’ lives. As Terra Creta’s Markos Polakis points out, “Olive groves have always been intertwined with the fortunes and lives of the people of Crete. These people are pioneers who managed to change the traditional ways of their fathers and grandfathers,” to improve their methods in order to produce better olive oil. The result of this collective effort is the Terra Creta Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which encompasses environmentally friendly planning, certified scientific cultivation practices, an ethical way of trading olive oil and a superior tasting profile. This is a unique program that aims to set the benchmark for the future. Terra Creta GRAN CRU EVOO," the hidden character of Koroneiki" Available in 500 ml glass bottle with non-reffil;able cap ➢ Extra virgin olive oil Monovarietal olive oil ➢ All year round olive groves , monitoring and care ➢ Innovative crushing and mixing protects aromatic compounds ➢ Direct filtering to minimize oxidation ➢ Storage under controlled conditions (17 ° C ) ➢ Strong fruitiness and robust flavor ➢ Limited quantities Innovation in operation ✓ NIR technology for the classification of olive fruits at the reception ✓ Transport of olives harvested twice a day with refrigerated trucks to minimize the time from harvest to extraction, less than 4 hours ✓ Cold extraction of fresh fruits within hours after programming ✓ A new type of crusher used Protects the flavor and does not increase the temperature of the paste ✓ Mixing at 23 ° C for a very short time (<10min) in specialized special kneading machines ✓ Direct filtering to minimize oxidation ✓ Controlled temperature and use of nitrogen in storage tanks ✓ Organoleptic evaluation with internal panel ✓ Traceability system with real time verification on websites (LOT number) ✓ Measurement of CO2 emissions in collaboration with IMAREM

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