Kalamata olive paste 190gr

Kalamata olive paste 190gr

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Kalamata olive paste 1kg


LOW SALT OLIVES In the recent years, the food industry, both on a research and practical basis, is in constant pursuit of new and functional products in order to be updated and with a view to meeting the constantly increasing nutritional demands of consumers. For this reason, IDEAL is committed to contributing towards this scope by offering a special section of Kalamata, Green or Black Olives characterized by low salt content.

OUR COMPANY WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1933. IT BOASTS SOME 80 YEARS OF PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT AS IT HAS UNDERTAKEN THE ONGOING MISSION OF PROVIDING CONSUMERS WITH SUPERIOR QUALITY NATURAL OLIVES THROUGHOUT THIS TIME. IDEAL IS A FAMILY OWNED COMPANY WORKING HARD ALL THESE YEARS TO SUPPLY QUALITY PRODUCTS AND BECOME A HOUSEHOLD NAME IN SAUDI ARABIA, AUSTRALIA, UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. OUR OLIVES IDEAL olives come directly from carefully selected olive groves, which are approved, certified, checked and periodically evaluated. For over 80 years our commitment has always been to combine only pure raw materials free from additives, artificial coloring and flavoring. We believe in using only the finest ingredients to create Greek authentic and great-tasting products, ensuring they fulfill high quality standards. We are in constant pursuit of developing new products, which are a result of innovation, research and state-of-the-art technology. Our mission is to identify the increasing nutritional demands of consumers and live up to their expectations. KALAMATA OLIVES Our superior quality IDEAL Kalamata Olives have been grown on century-old trees, which belong to selected olive groves. Ripened by the sun, the fruit is only harvested when it has reached the optimum rich color and flavor. After being naturally cured, olives are drained and packed in water, salt, vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil in different types of packaging. Firm, delightfully rich with a smooth meaty and pungent taste, IDEAL Kalamata Olives have no artificial flavoring or aromas added during processing. IDEAL Kalamata Olives can be whole, pitted and sliced. These exquisite olives can perfectly be combined with salads and dishes offering functional and nutritional benefits, as they are essential components of a balanced Mediterranean diet.

Olive Type
Kalamata Olives
Central Greece
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