Cretan Graviera P.D.O. Kalogerakis ~3kg Wheel

Cretan Graviera P.D.O. Kalogerakis ~3kg Wheel

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Cretan Graviera It is considered to be one of the most popular kinds of cheese in Greece and it has a prominent place in the preferences throughout the world. It’s a symbol of the Cretan Diet as it has had a great manufacture history on the island for centuries. Kalogerakis Cretan Graviera is famous for its excellent quality, its traditional preparation process based on sheep/goat milk, its pure ingredients and its uniquely pleasant taste. It matures for at least 3 months. Texture and Color: It is characterized as a very light yellow-colored table cheese with asymmetric holes Taste: particularly pleasant, sweetish and slightly brackish with a rich fresh milk aroma. It creates a sense of well-being and wholeness to those who taste it.


“Key to success”: The constantly excellent quality and taste of our milk which comes from livestock grazing in mountain and foothill areas of Crete, an island blessed with rich flora. The production process of all our products is certified according to ISO 22000:2005 quality assurance system and that of IFS standard (International Food Safety). Graviera can be consumed as a main snack, as saganaki, in a salad cut in small pieces, in a toasted sandwich and generally as a side dish on our table. Graviera is a perfect accompaniment to melon as they consist a high-level gastronomic combination. Composition: Pasteurized sheep and goat milk of 80% minimum in sheep milk and 20% maximum in goat milk, lactic acid crops, rennet, calcium chloride, salt (<2%) Maintenance conditions: Storage temperature in refrigerated compartment: 2 to 6 ° C Chemical properties: Fat in dry matter min: 40% Moistrure max: 38%

Laying solid foundations Everything was started in 1949, by an active and busy man, the grandfather of the family Emmanouil Kalogerakis. His passion and love for cheese led him to cheese making. Having his son Vaggelis by his side, they began an all- out effort and, from a small pot by the side of the house, they managed to set up the first factory in the village Smari in Kasteli Pediados. The pure raw materials of the Cretan Land became their weapon. From Crete to Athens and all over Greece In 1985 a delivery van full of wheel- shaped cheese, the Cretan Graviera Cheese, got on the ship for Athens. It was then when one of the most luscious cheeses got to the capital for the first time. Since 1995 the product codes have been increasing and the desserts (edesmata) are added to the list along with the Graviera and soft cheeses. In 1998, Kalogerakis Inc. distribution Centre started its function in Heraklion Industrial Area. A privately owned space of 1500 m2 houses the offices, the storages and the refrigerator rooms of the company. The distribution of the products has increased and the Cretan Kalogerakis Cheeses appear to get a place on the family table of all Greeks.

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