Country Style Trikala Type Sausages 40cm Paderis Bros. 380gr (±50gr) Vacuum pack

Country Style Trikala Type Sausages 40cm Paderis Bros. 1,5kg (±50gr) Vacuum pack

VAT included

Every bite an honor to the old world tradition. Feel the tradition, feel the country. Ideal and favorite appetizer, each with its own regional Greek origin and unique flavor, with leek in Thessaly, cumin in Macedonia, orange in Peloponnesse, herbs in Mykonos’ island, vinegar and other seasonings in Crete’s island… PADERIS BROS Company Karditsa’s Country Style Sausages, “that have authenticity and are seasoned with natural vegetables, onion and leek”, were awarded the Superior Taste Award with 1 Golden Star and are acknowledged for their attractive appearance and powerful taste by the chefs and sommeliers of iTQi, the International Taste and Quality Institute, who are opinion leaders and experts in taste.


THE ART OF TASTE The Paderis Family makes only the finest deli-meats! Back in the last century, a young man, Panagiotis Paderis born in Imvros island, moved to Constantinople to start a new life. Strong-willed and fully committed, he apprenticed to the most skilled artisans and learned the secrets of authentic, cured meat recipes! In the early 1970’s, Panagiotis Paderis came to Greece, set a small but quite contemporary meat processing factory and started the production of cured meats, with Aromatic Pastirma and Authentic Sujuk starring in the company’s range. Paderis Bros company has grown to become a recognized provider of superior taste and consistent quality products ever since!

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North Greece
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